Suspension Revolution

Suspended Bodyweight Training Expert FINALLY Reveals His Closely Guarded Secrets That Be pleased Helped Thousands of Of us, Including Pro Athletes and A-Checklist Celebrities Web Ripped, Chiseled Muscle tissue The usage of These NEVER BEFORE SEEN Suspension Workouts That Will Liberate Your Body’s Full Capacity to Burn Off Even the Most Cussed of Chubby From Your Body – As soon as and For All.

By: Dan Prolonged, CPT, CKMT

Highly Sought After Suspended Bodyweight Training Expert,

Creator, Assassinate Mode Training Certification,

World Renown Health Coach and Trainer to Pro Athletes

“I’ve under no circumstances considered workout routines love this and I’m in the end breaking my plateau!”

…stated one client repeatedly every day.

As Featured In and On

Hi there, I’m Dan Prolonged, Suspended Bodyweight Training Expert right here in pleasing Tampa, FL.

Suspension workout routines were the secret coaching system for educated athletes, elite Special Forces Operators, and the improbable success that my coaching customers derive gotten over the years…

…and so they’re, in actuality the map that I fetch hundreds of parents factual corresponding to you into my coaching facility every and every 300 and sixty five days.

You see, there could be a hidden advantage to my workout routines that folks corresponding to you factual manufacture no longer know about. When you happen to are going to a commercial gymnasium, or even derive a gymnasium to your space… or within the occasion you use notify machines… or even free weights for that subject, you are easiest the use of factual part of your physique’s full capacity to burn fats.

Essentially, rising science is now exhibiting that even within the most productive-case say, it be potentially taking you two or three situations longer to fetch similar outcomes that my customers are getting.

And it’s taking my customers loads less time to achieve their outcomes, which suggests the success price is excessive. Isn’t that what you love to derive… outcomes, quicker, and extra everlasting?

You see, there are over 600 muscular tissues within the human physique. And as you would possibly possibly possibly additionally know, the extra muscular tissues that are labored, the extra energy you would possibly burn… Whereas which will appear apparent to you, there’s actually extra to the science of fats loss – let me display camouflage:

Why Gentle Weight Training Is

Conserving You Assist From Burning Chubby

Ought to you use machines, and even free weights, you’re the use of muscular tissues to lumber that weight around. You already knew that – no giant breakthrough there.

You push, you pull, and muscular tissues contract and relax.

But what number of muscular tissues are you the use of at somebody time?… NOT all 600, no longer even finish.

And don’t fool yourself into pondering you’re the use of additional muscular tissues doing cardio coaching love the treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine. The kind of regular explain cardio does no longer burn ample energy or derive ample muscular tissues to even reach finish to giving you outcomes that you just actually favor.

It’s no wonder that statistics be conscious that 89% of all gymnasium individuals looks to be like the identical after 12 months. The opposite 11% are getting outcomes as a consequence of they know the secret that I’m about to be conscious to you right here.

What if I advised you that I knew of over 190 workout routines that can work muscular tissues you did no longer even knew you had and that you just would possibly use them in a skill that no longer easiest sculpts lean, tight muscular tissues, but permits you to blast by a plateau and shock your physique fats into submission attributable to the powerful wanted muscle stimulus?

Stimulus = Results.

Unique Stimulus = MASSIVE Results.

When these muscular tissues that derive under no circumstances been labored before are stimulated, your physique has NO CHOICE but to burn extra fats to fetch higher. It’s in that fetch higher share where you’ll fetch quicker outcomes.
Gape, your physique needs homeostasis – in other words, it needs to NOT exchange. And that’s why you tend to plateau in as miniature as 19 days after starting a workout program. The physique needs to adapt. YOU want your physique to exchange.

Change comes from fresh and valid stimulus that forces your physique to utilize fresh muscular tissues groups in ways you’ve under no circumstances extinct before – that in turn leads to exiguous muscle tears (which is the soreness you would possibly possibly possibly additionally be feeling after a correct workout). That’s a correct thing…

…and as your physique begins to rebuild and fetch higher, your metabolism is elevated and so is thermogenesis – the action of burning extra fats at rest.

So are these special workout routines magical in a scheme? I wouldn’t lumber as some distance as to call them “magical”, but they’re positively workout routines that MOST folks derive under no circumstances heard of or tried.

These are the identical workout routines and workout routines that athletes reach and prepare with me for, love Dekoda Watson (NFL Player), to pause lean and shredded, explode their athleticism by the roof, and take care of purposeful and hurt free 300 and sixty five days round.

Actors reach to prepare with me to chisel themselves in tale time so they would possibly possibly additionally gape most sharp on film. They knew they couldn’t fetch these secret workout routines and workout routines that notify these hidden muscular tissues any place else.

Essentially, many of my suspension workout routines derive under no circumstances been uncovered to the sphere, till now, in this label NEW Suspension Revolution program.

How It All Came To Be…

I’ve been obsessive about Suspended Bodyweight Training for years and the scheme in which it would possibly possibly in all probability possibly shock your physique into fresh ranges of fats loss while totally remodeling your physique, your metabolism, and your mind – so I spent hours upon hours coming up with fresh and higher ways to train most fats burning and muscle toning workout routines the use of suspension straps.

Despite the undeniable fact that your gymnasium has suspension straps love TRX, Jungle Gym XT, or SBT, factual to establish about a, you would possibly possibly possibly additionally’t fetch these 191 workout routines and workout combinations any place else as a consequence of they’re easiest something that I share with my customers who want speedy, everlasting outcomes.

The most foremost is no longer within the “suspension straps” – the REAL SECRET is within the mix of workout routines and protocols I notify you that blast your physique into fresh ranges of fats loss, heightened metabolism, and muscle constructing.

But now, for the most foremost time, I supplies you fetch entry to to my Suspended Bodyweight Web fit notify program. I will let you know all about fetch out how to fetch my program in barely a moment.

But first…

How Powerful Is Your Gym REALLY Costing You?

How powerful are you spending at your gymnasium… $20 a month? $40? $50? And how powerful derive you spent on home tools within the occasion you identify at home? $3,000? $4,000? More?

Be stunning… are you even the use of the membership or the tools that you just paid for?

The exact fact is that the money would no longer subject. When you happen to are easiest working whilst powerful as half of the muscular tissues you derive to your physique, would no longer you agree that you just are easiest getting half of the implications you are purchasing for?

The fact is that your gymnasium is costing you a truly worthy asset of all – TIME.

It’s disturbing to lumber to the gymnasium day in and day out and build boring outcomes… or seemingly no outcomes.

What if I advised you the secrets and strategies to decreasing your 90-minute workout routines in half (or less) while permitting you to DOUBLE and or even TRIPLE your outcomes?

It’s all backed up by science. No longer easiest will you use extra muscular tissues with my uncommon Suspended Bodyweight Training workout routines and workout routines, but attributable to the shock your physique gets, your physique has to work twice as worthy to restore and fetch higher.

Repairing and getting higher is awfully calorie-pricey. That is a extraordinarily correct thing.

That is how these uncommon workout routines and this uncommon form of coaching works. By utilizing these fresh and under no circumstances before heard of Suspension workout routines your physique will burn twice as powerful fats because it recovers…

…plus, you would possibly possibly possibly additionally invent these workout routines within the comfort of your maintain home as a exchange of a stinky, crowded gymnasium. And also you know that working out at home is FREE.

The Peril With Other Workout Capabilities

So many programs are designed to develop you pour never-ending amounts of sweat, making you would possibly possibly possibly additionally be feeling defeated and getting you to THINK that’s what it takes to lose fats.

But with these 191 uncommon Suspension workout routines and 27 metabolic workout routines and finishers, you would possibly investigate cross-test that you just would possibly actually feel invigorated, no longer defeated after every workout.

And as a consequence of you derive labored muscular tissues that you just under no circumstances derive before, you would possibly burn extra fats as your physique recovers…

…which suggests you would possibly burn fats even whilst you sleep.

Chubby burn whilst you sleep…. Truly? Yep, thanks to the “after burn” invent your physique will burn extra energy even at rest.

Gape After Burn is a phenomenon that takes space at the side of your metabolism when your workout program has been net site on. The science within the wait on of is known as EPOC.

Right here’s the easy definition from Wikipedia:
Extra put up-notify oxygen consumption (EPOC, informally referred to as after burn) is a measurably elevated price of oxygen consumption following strenuous notify supposed to erase the physique’s “oxygen deficit.” In ancient context the term “oxygen debt” became popularized to display camouflage or possibly strive to quantify anaerobic vitality expenditure, in particular in regards to lactic acid metabolism; in actuality, the term “oxygen debt” is collected broadly extinct to on the present time.

Okay, so it’s no longer so easy. However the most sharp news is that you just don’t derive to apprehension about it. All you would possibly invent is observe along with my workout programs and the implications will reach – as a consequence of everyone of my workout routines are designed to explode your physique into fats burning After Burn mode!

It’s factual love my motto at Assassinate Mode Training Co., you would possibly possibly possibly additionally no longer factual hit your dreams, you would possibly SHATTER by them, factual love these folks…



“I misplaced 18 kilos and gained outlined muscle tone in 4 months thanks to Dan Prolonged’s Assassinate Mode Training Co. team and TRX. TRX challenged me love no notify I actually derive accomplished before. It’s stress-free and motivating and most importantly, IT WORKS!”


“It Used to be A Existence Altering Trip”

“The teaching and teaching from Dan Prolonged with Assassinate Mode Training has been and consistently shall be a undeniable trip and life altering skill given to me. The success of my weight reduction dreams were finished from a particular person with giant inspiration and effectively-organized motivational abilities. One of a truly worthy emotions that I battled became apprehension, but no extra will I enable apprehension to depress me and space off me to lose out in my life. Assassinate Mode made me break my dreams and face my obstacles that held me wait on.”


“I Shed 20Lbs!”

“Coach Dan Prolonged and the Assassinate Mode team helped me take grasp of by enthusiasm for fitness from a fondness to a typical of living. With a Assassinate Mode diet regime and rigorous workout routines, I shed 20 lbs. and dropped my physique fats from 14% to five% in 10 weeks! The Assassinate Mode team held me to blame and encouraged me to push my bodily and mental limits till they didn’t exist. Most well-known to me is that the Assassinate Mode team leads by example and I had no second suggestions about inserting my belief in them. With Assassinate Mode Training Co. you would possibly possibly possibly additionally literally attain the unbelievable!”


“Dan, I wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks for every little thing you derive accomplished. No longer easiest as a Health Knowledgeable, but as a real mentor and chief to no longer easiest me, but from my observation over the last few months, everyone you reach in contact with. I’m able to no longer let you know ample the mentally certain affect you derive had on my standard of living and manner to fitness. Daily life mentorship apart, me being an “NCO” and chief within the US Military, I feel I’m excellent to snort that you just would possibly possibly possibly additionally be dedicated to your space off as I am to my nation. Within the sphere of Health, you truly are an elite and uncommon breed. A fitness warrior. Proper perfect fortune to your endeavors. Rangers Lead the Skill!

–SFC Rick, Special Operations Expose (SOCOM)

Right here’s What You can Web…

A see from the University of Pittsburgh stories that those who exercised with a accomplice misplaced a Third extra weight than those who determine alone.

Are you able to agree with losing 33% extra fats with the identical workout routines? You wouldn’t derive to extend your workout routines. You gained’t derive to drink some “magic” put up-workout smoothie or use some “fats-loss” complement either.

By working out with a accomplice, you’ll build your transformation on the short observe.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Nonetheless, within these NEW Suspension Revolution 2.0 observe-along workout movies, you’ll be coaching with my hand-selected experts and myself.

That is principal to take grasp of as a consequence of there’s a map A-checklist celebrities, athletes love Dekoda Watson (NFL Player) and folks factual corresponding to you move to my facility right here in Tampa, Florida to prepare with me one-on-one.

I offer you insane vitality and motivation you would possibly possibly possibly additionally’t fetch any place else. You’ve considered it within the video above. I’m able to squeeze out extra reps from you than somebody else on this planet.

I’m no longer announcing this to provoke you, but to provoke upon you how extremely efficient having me coach you thru your entire Suspension Revolution workout routines would possibly possibly additionally even be. The see exhibiting a 33% amplify is scheme too conservative.

If you hit play for your computer, cell phone or tablet with ANY of the observe-along workout movies from the Suspension Revolution Workouts, you’ll see what I mean.

You gained’t derive to move the entire scheme to Tampa to work with me. You are going to be in a situation to fetch rapid fetch entry to to me and the incentive it be well-known to truly free up your easiest capacity and squeeze out those few extra reps with NEW adrenaline-scramble vitality you THINK you didn’t derive. That’s what I function of parents.

It’s what I take grasp of pride in… I wait on folks factual corresponding to you no longer factual hit your dreams, but SHATTER them.

Ought to you total your explain on the present time, you would possibly also fetch

rapid fetch entry to to these FOUR special Free Bonuses.


Core Blasting Accelerators

Add these 4-minute core-blasting accelerators to shred fats superfast and boost your vitality ranges by the roof. Web 10X’s extra outcomes out of the second half of every and every workout, Guaranteed. Now you would possibly possibly possibly additionally trip caloric burn with these one in every of a form workout routines that can blow the lid off your subsequent session.


Steel Pumping

Vitality Sets

Dangle some STEEL and your Suspended Bodyweight Trainer. Or no longer it is time to party. Chances are you’ll possibly possibly additionally be about to trip
something that ONLY these combinations can train. Suspension, mixed with weights, will peak,
blueprint, and sculpt muscle quicker than you would possibly possibly possibly additionally issue… “I’m Ripped.” Ought to you combine these uncommon combos in sequence, your muscular tissues are going to pop love NEVER before, I promise. Web able to actually feel the most productive muscle stimulation that you just would possibly possibly possibly additionally ONLY fetch with these workout routines, interval.



I’ve teamed up with Mike Whitfield, AKA “Mr. Finisher” to raise you excellent ends in less time. You are going to be in a situation to construct any of those effectively-organized efficient but short Strap After-Burn Finishers with any of those workout routines to interchange boring cardio and intervals. Dwell you love to derive to place your fresh physique on the short observe? Use these after your workout routines or even for your off days.



With these 10 most sharp suspension workout routines, you would possibly investigate cross-test a entire fresh physique-remodeling world with suspension workout routines you derive under no circumstances considered before. You are going to be forced to dig deep into unknown muscular tissues – which suggests you would possibly burn even MORE fats.


Even within the occasion you are a fitness primitive, you would possibly favor to open with this newbie program. This would fetch up muscular tissues you did no longer know you had and prepare them for the subsequent share, all while burning fats and chiseling lean and sexy muscle.


As soon as your muscular tissues are able to snatch on this share, you would possibly development to fresh and revolutionary workout routines and workout routines to take care of faraway from the plateau and lift on a brand fresh stimulus.


That is when your physique will lumber into full throttle fats loss mode… aka “Assassinate Mode”. With excellent suspension programs and workout routines, fats loss records shall be broken and you would possibly sculpt muscle you did no longer know you had. Your arms and shoulders will pop with definition as your stomach fats shrinks.

I’ve Change into The Trudge-To Expert For Suspension Workouts,

And I’ve In the end Made It A Revolution For You

As you would possibly possibly possibly additionally see, Suspension workout routines are my greatest passion and the true fact is that I agree with out a other fragment of tools can unleash your easiest fats-burning capacity after coaching so many folks at my coaching center right here in Tampa, Florida: Assassinate Mode Training Firm.

I’ve labored with actors, athletes, as effectively as folks factual corresponding to you purchasing for that one solution that can in the end let you investigate cross-test the physique you are purchasing for, but with out having to stay in a gymnasium or struggle by notify programs that extinguish time and bring no outcomes.

After years of tweaking and keeping observe of outcomes, I’ve literally perfected a entire Suspension system that can… no, WILL transform your physique AND mind. And I want to share this message with the sphere.

This Suspension Revolution Machine is the most productive and uncommon system you would possibly ever trip. I do know this as a consequence of it be what I invent each day for my maintain workout and with my customers. In the end, you and I’m able to prepare collectively… within the comfort of your maintain home.

Now, to prepare with a mediocre coach would mark you at least $60 a session. And also you know they are going to work the identical muscular tissues you were working and you would possibly additionally no longer fetch the implications you are purchasing for.

And after losing 20 weeks with this coach, prospects are you’ll derive spent at least $3,600 with miniature (if any) outcomes.

I’m so fascinated by this likelihood to share this Suspension message with the sphere, that I’m able to be bright to present it to you for factual $47.

But I will invent seriously higher than that.

I manufacture no longer want you to bewitch wait on for your physique’s full capacity to gape fully assorted by the use of these secret 191 workout routines and 27 workout routines, either.

I will develop this a no-brainer. Let’s work collectively on those hidden muscular tissues and fresh workout routines and open your transformation the use of easiest a suspended bodyweight coach factual now!

And let’s invent that for factual ONE investment of $23.50


Regular Price $47

WAIT! You Qualify For A 50% OFF Gargantuan Opening Mark…

(Activating Good deal Now)

Take Action Now—Sooner than Your Good deal

Expires and the Timer Runs Out…

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Good deal mechanically applies whilst you happen to
click on Exhaust Now button under.

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Your Special 50% Good deal Expires In…

15: 03

Merely verify the box under to fetch 50% OFF At the present time…

Undergo in mind, you would possibly possibly possibly additionally be stable by our 100% a repayment guarantee. If in 60 days you are no longer joyful for any map, merely electronic mail us at wait [email protected] and we’ll promptly refund your explain, no questions requested.


“I actually enjoyed it! “


“I’ve been the use of your Suspension Revolution coaching for approximately 1 1/2 months now. I’ve been to the gymnasium with my dad consistently in years past but I became under no circumstances very attracted to the use of any free weights or weight tools. So my dad became actually angry when he launched me to your Suspension Revolution coaching, I actually enjoyed it!

Suspension Revolution coaching became most sharp to wait on develop me stronger for my well-liked sports actions, speedy pitch softball and basketball. Suspension Revolution also helped me pork up my arms for throwing, batting, and taking pictures. Also, made my legs stronger for a quicker soar in working bases. And what I love easiest is that I fetch to employ time with my dad doing something we each and every revel in.”

Hayley (13 years primitive)


“I’ve misplaced about 50 lbs and actually feel giant! “

“Dan, factual wanted to snort thanks for being such an inspiration. I finally realized that I wanted to invent something about my heath
situation when I got on the scale and my weight became 262 lbs. I started my move over a 300 and sixty five days ago now at the side of your Suspension Revolution,
program, and wow is it a pleasant coaching tool. Colossal job!

I’m 45 years primitive, 6’1″ and at notify weigh 206lbs. I’m at notify now off all medications for all my old effectively being disorders. My cholesterol, triglycerides, blood stress and anxious signs are most sharp! I actually feel the most productive that I actually derive felt in 25 years. I’ve misplaced about 50 lbs and actually feel giant!

Thank you yet again for your dedication and contributions to the fitness industry! Gotta delight in abolish mode! I hope to fulfill you some day to thanks for my share.

Very grateful,

Roger Hammons

P.S. I actually derive launched my daughter to suspended bodyweight coaching and he or she loves it!

Behold The Assassinate Mode In You And Rework Your Thoughts

And Body With Merely One Portion Of Tools

Investing to your effectively being is a no-brainer. I’m particular you agree, but to derive the entire workout routines you would possibly ever favor to shed undesirable fats off and take care of it off forever is precious.

That is no longer factual a Suspension workout. That is the Suspension Revolution. You can revolutionize your physique FASTER, as a consequence of that’s what it became designed for.

Underneath no circumstances Pay For A Gym Membership Ever All over again With

These Secret Workouts That Are In the end Revealed

No subject where you stay or where you move, you would possibly want the categorical blueprint you would possibly ever favor to fetch and take care of that lean, athletic gape you were purchasing for.

I’ve given these staunch workout routines to my athletes, actors, and customers and I’ve considered them reach wait on from shuttle LEANER… and you would possibly additionally too.

60-Day Cash-Assist Guarantee

Chances are you’ll possibly possibly additionally be hesitant on the use of something fresh love this.
In all likelihood you have not trained with suspension straps before
to your life, and you wonder if this map will work for you.

So right here’s what I will invent for you – assign that system
for 60 full days and within the occasion you manufacture no longer see the implications you are
purchasing for… and I mean “Assassinate Mode” outcomes or within the occasion you
actually feel the workout routines are too intense for you, then I want
you to KEEP this map as a present, and we’ll STILL give
you your a repayment with out a questions requested.

That is factual, within the occasion you are no longer THRILLED with the workout routines
and outcomes, I manufacture no longer even want your money. I want you
to be 100% joyful at the side of your transformation. If no longer,
you are getting every penny wait on… PERIOD.


Dan Prolonged,

Suspended Bodyweight Training Expert

Author of the Suspension Revolution

P.S. This accomplished-for-you system is able to unleash havoc on the muscular tissues which were dormant for a extraordinarily long time, keeping you from getting the physique you deserve. These 191 workout routines and 27 Suspension workout routines and finishers are the answer you want. When you happen to’re in Assassinate Mode towards your gruesome stomach fats as soon as and for all, right here is the revolution you’ve been making an strive ahead to – with factual ONE fragment of tools. Click on right here to fetch rapid fetch entry to to Suspension Revolution

P.P.S. You manufacture no longer derive anything to lose but undesirable and stubborn fats that gained’t lumber away unless you unleash your physique’s full capacity to burn extra energy while at rest. When you happen to don’t fetch the EXACT outcomes you’re purchasing for within 60 full days, you KEEP this entire program and I’ll STILL refund every penny wait on to you.

Expose: As a result of most modern statements from the FTC, it is
required that we establish what a “customary” consequence is.
The cruel fact is that most folk under no circumstances invent anything
with the products they bewitch, so as a rule,
their customary outcomes are zero. Chances are you’ll possibly possibly additionally be the most foremost
part of your success! I for my share derive gained over
10 lbs of lean muscle and elevated my performance
the use of this map, and derive labored with the
folk above, some who derive shown even elevated
success. They labored worthy, and earned their outcomes.
As with every notify program, develop the consent of
your doctor before the initiation of any bodily
coaching program.” Expose: Upon derive, you would possibly
be given rapid fetch entry to! That is a virtual product,
which will also be conveniently accessed any place with an
net connection. No worthy product shall be shipped.

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