Wager Simulator

So Colin went to work to make the arena’s very first speed simulator. A device that may maybe maybe opt the total critical horse and course recordsdata along with likely instances then allow us to head attempting the races unfold before they genuinely came about. 

I indicate, I didn’t realise that this would per chance genuinely be doubtless.

But obvious sufficient easiest spherical six weeks after I came up with the root, Colin and I had been properly settled with a cup of tea in hand intriguing to head attempting the Wager Simulator’s first speed.

If reality be told we watched 8 races that day, all consistent with recordsdata for the next day’s races meets.

Of the 8 races we watched, 5 had been discontinuance calls but 3 of the races had happy winners.

So the next day we placed capable 3 bets… on the 3 horses that had romped dwelling on our Wager Simulator the outdated evening… and ALL THREE of these horses won!

So on our first day, we had netted over £320 in winnings.

On our second day, we revamped £750 in winnings.

And by the tip of the week we had been up by over £5,000.

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